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Dcmd samp

Dcmd samp

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dcmd_notice(playerid,params[]) { new string[]; if(sscanf(params,"s",string)) { SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR,"[USAGE] /notice [text]. Thatswhy I decided to show a way (dcmd) which also looks gentle but is much faster then strtok only and in my opinion better organized. Hey guys! I am new here, but I already know how to use dcmd. In this case, I am going to make my first tutorial. I'll be posting many tutorials in.

Hi, i'm searching for DCMD, i know it's slow etc etc but i really need it, can anyone give me a download link? svorpyx is offline. This works on same way as DCMD but only difference is that this function is for RCON commands. Function: Code: #if!defined RCMD_PREFIX. This is my updated tutorial about dcmd. I must say that I made everything wrong the last tutorial, but thanks to Y_Less now I am ready for a full.

public OnPlayerCommandText { dcmd(kill, 4, cmdtext); return 1; }. You always have to do this when you make a new Command. The 4 is the. Hi today i was trying to make givecash command using DCMD The Problem is my PWN Shutdown When i always put dcmd(givecash, 8. First off you need to define DCMD because it is not sa-mp made it was made by "" , so above "main()" in your script add this. #define dcmd(%1,%2,%3) if. if (!PlayerInfo[playerid][pLoggedIn]) return 0;. // Level 0+ commands. dcmd(o, 1, cmdtext);. dcmd(call, 4, cmdtext);. dcmd(enter, 5, cmdtext);. dcmd(exit, 4, cmdtext); . Sacky = fcreate function:) DracoBlue = dcmd:) Post any suggestions at the sa- mp forums:) PS! If your server crashes the first time you load this script dont worry .

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[]). {. dcmd(afk,3,cmdtext);. dcmd (brb,3,cmdtext);. dcmd(back,4,cmdtext);. dcmd(afkplayers,10,cmdtext);. return 0;. } . I created several libraries for the pawn language in sa-mp. It includes DCMD I am inventor of the fastest and widely used pawn based command processor for. Хостинг SAMP Ru-hoster. Закрыть Привет! Если вы читаете это - Вы еще не зарегистрированы. Это займет не больше минуты. 11 Aug Hi firstly PAWN code is whats used to code SAMP (San Andreas This is in DCMD so make sure you have the proper defines for it. first add.


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